About The KO Cup Remote Camera Network

The KO Cup Remote Camera Network provides remotely controlled COVID secure high-quality live video and audio streaming from local venues to worldwide audiences. We integrate with YouTube, Facebook and other platforms as well as providing virtual tickets on a PPV or Subscription basis.

Talented broadcast journalist Ali Drew puts it better than we can click here to watch

This allows venues and events which are not suited to the complexity and high cost of full TV outside broadcast production to efficiently reach and monetise their audience. Our streams can run 24/7/365 with negligible downtime and are managed totally remotely by our expert team.

We provide a turnkey service which includes rights clearances, contracts and intellectual property, audience and revenue reporting, integration of video streams into existing websites, pre-event marketing and promotion and general production. We can scale our production and distribution costs to suit most budgets.  

All services are provided subject to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS which can be found here

For other information please email [email protected] 

For an example of Remote Camera Network live streaming click here